Surf lessons

Our head surf coach, The Venice Beach Rat, has been teaching surf lessons for over 7 years. And after nearly a decade of being the head coach for the top surf school in Los Angeles, he improved upon all the best practices from his experience and decided to start his own surf program. And we truly believe it is the best and most fun experience you could possibly have!

So whether it's your first time, an item to check off of your bucket list, or a new hobby that you're trying to pick up, we have you covered! We offer surf lessons for beginners, kids, and adults! We do private surf lessons, group surf classes, and morning surf camps for kids! Your lesson will take place in Venice Beach or Santa Monica, where the sandy bottom is safe and perfect for beginner lessons!

What Ages We Teach: We typically suggest getting kids started surfing at 5 years old, but we do have some students who have started younger! We have no age limit on who we teach, so if you're 100 years old and looking to SHRED we will get you out there surfing! We teach boys and girls, men and women, grandmas and grandpas! So no matter what age, gender, or skill level you are, we would love to teach you how to surf!

What Skill Levels We Teach: We offer surf lessons catered to any skill level! If you've never stepped foot on a surfboard, we will make you feel comfortable and confident in no time! If you're a beginner looking to develop a strong foundation, we will help you build that quickly! If you're an intermediate looking to gain some new skills in the water, we've got you covered!

What To Expect During Your Lesson: Each lesson is catered to the individual based on their skill level, appetite for risk, and desired goals. We have developed a training system that prioritizes safety while maintaining maximum progression and fun. Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and confident in the ocean as possible. We want to see you succeed! And our coaches are the most down-to-earth, knowledgeable, and easy to get along with. We treat you like our family or best friend when you surf with us because that's who we are. Teaching skateboarding and surfing is our passion and purpose. And we want to share that with the world. We want everyone to surf with us!

Lesson Info: Our surf lessons are 90 minutes long and include a surfboard and wetsuit in the price. The first 20 minutes of your lesson is done on the beach, covering surfboard dynamics, wave dynamics, ocean safety, surfing safety, surf etiquette, pop-up technique and form. The remainder of your time is spent in the water, surfing with your instructor. Just show up wearing your swim suit, sun screen, and a smile. We'll supply the equipment and good vibes.

Availability: WE DO NOT OFFER SURF LESSONS STARTING AFTER 10AM because we want you to have the best experience possible with the most ideal conditions. And, in our area, the surf is typically best before 10am! Also, we only accept two classes per day to maintain the highest standards of service. So if you book a lesson after 10am, we will ask you to reschedule. If you cannot do another time, we will refer you to one of our long-time friends who owns his own surf school, so you can still learn to surf. He is a great instructor as well.