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How to Nollie Bigspin Heelflip on a Skateboard!

Head skate coach Coyote Rob shows us how in today's trick tip video!

How to Nollie Bigspin Disaster

Before learning this trick, you should be able to land nollie backside bigspins and backside disasters consistently.

With your feet set up for the nollie bigspin, ride toward the obstacle straight-on with a decent amount of speed.

As you ride up the ramp toward the coping, start turning your shoulders.

Pop with your front foot on the nose before you hit the coping, rotate your hips and shoulders, and watch the board spin.

Catch the board and land properly locked-in to the back disaster.

Push down the nose of your board into the transition, lifting your back foot slightly so that your back trucks can clear the coping.

Bend your knees and ride away clean…FIRST TRY!

This is a nollie backside 360 pop shove-it and nollie backside body varial executed in a single direction.

1. Feet are in nollie backside 360 pop shove‑it stance. Back foot is near the bolts, closer to the center, heel is hanging off the board. Your front foot’s toe is next to the heel edge.

2. Snap, spin the board to a nollie backside 360 pop shove‑it, and use your shoulders to spin 180 degrees backside.

3. The board is spinning faster than your body. When your body and board finish rotating and aline, you’ve got it. Land and ride away in switch.

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