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How to Frontside Lipslide on a Skateboard!

Los Angeles skateboard lessons guru Coyote Rob shows us how in today's online skateboard lesson!

So now we're going to teach you lipslides. You've got your frontside lipslide and your backside lipslide and front side, I must say, is a lot more easier than a backside. With the frontside lipslide, you're going to want to approach the ledge kind of at an angle to where you can ollie, and you have to ollie completely over the rail and land with both feet on your bolts and it's a lot easier because you're looking right at the rail, but backside you have the whole thing facing your back and you're pretty much blindsided the whole way down. You don't know when the rail's going to end so that's why it's good to try to look this way.

And you definitely want to have your one-eighties on lock, because this is the key to all this trick. One-eighty-ing up over the rail and landing with your balance set perfect to slide down the rail frontside or backside. Make sure you have both one-eighties on full blown lockdown or you're going to get yourself real hurt. So, those are your lipslides.

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