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How to Fakie 360 Flip | Online Skateboard Lessons

Malibu skateboarding instructor Coyote Rob teaches us in today's video trick tutorial!

You snap a Fakie Ollie from switch stance, and the board does a 360 Shove-it and Kickflip. The key to this trick is to spin the deck with your snap foot accurately. A fakie 360 flip is when you snap a fakie ollie from switch stance, and the board does a 360 shove-it and kickflip. The key to this trick is correctly spinning the deck with your snap foot.

1. Push off, position your front foot as if for a kickflip — at a 45 degree angle and 2-3 cm closer to the center of the board, away from the bolts. Your leading leg in on the nose, toe closer to the edge.

2. Front leg snaps as if for a pop shove‑it, just slightly harder, and the back leg leads out a kickflip. At this point, jump forward, twisting the board so that it rotates beneath you.

3. Catch the board with your back foot and put down your front foot. Stay focused, you need to catch the board with your entire foot to avoid falling.

4. Land on bent knees and ride off in switch.

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