Skateboard coach Rob skating against a pink wall in Santa Monica


   Skateboard Lessons for kids, adults, beginners | Venice Beach | Santa Monica | Los Angeles 

Passionate Professionals With Different Styles,
Yet the Same Love For Skateboarding!

Coyote Rob

Who He Teaches: Kids and adults who are beginners, intermediate, or advanced skateboarders.

Traits: Incredibly patient and highly technical in his coaching, Rob can help a first-timer with all the basics or take an advanced skater to an entirely new level! Rob has an easygoing personality and loves to push people to their limits while keeping them safe!


About Rob: He has been skateboarding for over 20 years and competed at high levels with multiple sponsorships, but now focuses on passing the torch to the next generation! Rob is also the most popular skate coach in all of Los Angeles!

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LA skate coach Coyote Rob with a happy student after his skateboard lesson in Los Angeles
Skateboard coach Will with a kid after his skateboarding lesson in Venice Beach

The Venice Beach Rat

Who He Teaches: Kids and adults who are beginner skateboarders and surfers, and surfskaters of all levels.

Traits: Next-level patience, absolutely amazing with kids, and totally hilarious! Will can help first-time and beginner skateboarders with all the basics or take any surfskater to a whole new level! Will has a vibrant personality and makes everything fun and memorable! 


About Will: He has been skating, surfing, and snowboarding for well over a decade and divides his time between teaching in LA and living in Bali! Will is also the most popular surfskate coach in the USA!

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Who She Teaches: Freestyle longboarders & longboard dancers of all ages and skill levels!

Traits: Super kind, friendly, and patient! Natalie loves working with freestyle longboarders to help them progress quickly and safely! Natalie has such a warm and welcoming personality and is so passionate about teaching others to longboard!


About Natalie: At only 22 years young, she is a sponsored freestyle longboarder and filmmaker! She is also a growing YouTube content creator and super popular athlete on TikTok! 

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Longboard coach Natalie with an adult skateboarder after a beginner skateboarding lesson
skateboard instructor doing an ollie over the ramp


Who He Teaches: Transition and bowl skaters of all ages and skill levels!

Traits: Super relaxed, calm, and tons of patience! Zander loves working with intermediate and advanced skaters to help them progress on transition! Zander is more reserved with a laid back personality and is super passionate about teaching others to ride bowls!


About Zander: Zander is an absolute savage in the park! He has been riding transition and bowls for over 20 years!